About Us

Welcome to Wishcan.

Wishcan helps you organize your trips.

Wishcan is the result of many years of relentless efforts. Although we didn't develop the website in a garage, the path to this point was spilt with sweat, blood, tears, and lots of hair.

Wishcan is founded by Max and Michael. They met at Stanford university. Max was doing his MBA, and Michael was doing his CS Masters.

The birth of Wishcan actually happened in 2004, and years were spent refining and re-developing the idea, the model, and eventually the website. In its previous life, it was called Yabbyland. Yabbyland was started by Max and Tom in Sydney, Australia. Seven years ago, Facebook wasn't even around. Things have changed in the past seven years. Max and Michael are now releasing the brand new Wishcan to the world.

Wishcan was created with the belief that people are generally nice towards each other, and will help each other in need.

Wishcan is run with a long term vision. There is a lot of good that can and will be done when Wishcan becomes stronger. Wishcan supports open source, hates DRM, used to love Slashdot, then Digg, and now loves Reddit. If you think the idea of Wishcan is worthwhile, please support it with all your love. Tell your friends, relatives, and pets. Use Wishcan. If you are willing to donate some of your skills, please let us know.

Max and Michael still have a lot of ideas in their heads, and will be implementing them, so we hope you come back often.

Please enjoy your stay in Wishcan. It is created for you.